“Stone, earth, water, ice, wind, and burning heat. The stories here dig deep and unexpectedly into life’s fundamentals—the elements and the passions—bringing into English, many for the first time, writers of stature from across the globe. A celebration of both storytelling and translation, Elemental is essential, a gift that opens up the pleasures of new worlds.” —Hugh Raffles, author of The Book of Unconformities

A family’s heirloom stones unearth a story spanning war, illness, and radioactivity. A pipeline installed to protect a town from flooding results in a howling that disturbs the townspeople. A political prisoner embarks on an epic flight toward freedom, literally blown like a kite in the wind.

Is the world ours to make? Or is it the natural world that defines—even controls—us? A whirlwind of fantastic new writing from Japan, Iran, Madagascar, Iraq, Germany, and more, this latest installment of the Calico Series maps the intimate, ongoing relationship between human civilization and the environment. Featuring fiction and reportage from eight authors working in different languages, Elemental is an awesome collection that speaks of climate catastrophe, geological time, and mythology; it’s a global gathering of engaged, innovative eco-lit.

The Calico Series, published biannually by Two Lines Press, captures vanguard works of translated literature in stylish, collectible editions. Each Calico is a vibrant snapshot that explores one aspect of our present moment, offering the voices of previously inaccessible, highly innovative writers from around the world today.

“Precious Stones”By Erika Kobayashi
Translated from Japanese by Brian Bergstrom
“Dog Rose in the Wind, the Rain, the Earth”By Farkhondeh Aghaei
Translated from Persian by Michelle Quay
“Ankomst”By Gøhril Gabrielsen
Translated from Norwegian by Deborah Dawkin
“We Have Lived Here Since We Were Born”By Andreas Moster
Translated from German by Rachel Farmer“Lalana” By Michèle Rakotoson
Translated from French by Allison M. Charette
“Jamshid Khan”By Bakhtiyar Ali
Translated from Kurdish by Basir Borhani & Shirzad Alipour
“The Weather Woman”By Tamar Weiss-Gabbay
Translated from Hebrew by Jessica CohenNON-FICTION
“Place Memory”By Dorota Brauntsch
Translated from Polish by Sean Gasper Bye


Earth Stories$16.95
ISBN: 9781949641110
Pages: 240Size: 6 x 7
Publication Date: March 9, 2021Distributed By: Publishers Group West